Why Are Pet Health Insurance Plans Suddenly So Popular?


Pet insurance plans for dogs

If you’re on the fence about pet insurance plans for dogs, then here’s a disgusting fact that might change your mind:
It’s mosquito season, which means it’s also heartworm season. Unfortunately, it can take six to seven months for the heartworm larvae to lodge in your dog’s heart and lungs, where they grow until they resemble a wriggling, disgusting mass of cooked spaghetti. On average, it will cost a pet owner about $1,000 for a single round of heartworm treatment. That might seem like a lot of money — and for most Americans it is — but it’s just pennies compared to the $13.59 billion Americans spend on veterinary care every year.
In the United States, health insurance companies are about as popular as heartworms. If you’ve ever had your rates raised, coverage dropped, or had crucial he Continue reading

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Top Reasons Your Dog Needs a Bath


Natural dog shampoo

Americans love their pets. Nearly 94% of people who own pets say their animals make them happy and that they smile at least once a day because of them. Nearly $60.3 billion was spent on pets in the United States in 2015 and of that, $5.4 billion went to their boarding and grooming. Americans love their dogs so much that about one million of them have been named the primary beneficiary in a will. Sometimes we want our dogs to be really clean but the whole experience of going to the groomer is too stressful. It is during these times that we break out the shampoo for dogs and do it ourselves.

Reasons to Give Your Dog a Bath:

  1. Your dog smells like a dog. Yes, your dog is a dog after all but they do not have to smell like one. A foul smelling dog can also Continue reading
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Veterinarians Finding a Doctor That You and Your Pet Love


Gum inspection

Over thousands of years of evolution, we as a species have formed a bond with cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals. Just as we rely on these animals for companionship, they too rely on us for care and safety. Like humans, animals are susceptible to disease and illness that can be prevented with proper care and regular medical examinations. Here are some tips to properly care for our pets.

Caring for the Health of Animals

Understanding your pet’s biology is an important first step towards providing them with an adequate level of care. Dogs and cats have specialized digestive tracts that are able to process some food better than others; for this reason the best pet diet advice is t Continue reading

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The Importance of Web Design in Veterinary Marketing


Laura gaylord veterinarian north carolina

Recent studies show that small businesses are in a state of peril. Over half of all company owners polled say they still need help strengthening their social media efforts, and chances are the marketing deficiencies don’t end there. Web development, search engine optimization and email campaigns are all equally as essential as social media in helping a business cultivate its full branding potential online.

Take veterinary practices — highly specialized businesses that often have trouble standing out in such a competitive market. If the services offered are more or less the same across the board, what can vet websites do better than their peers to assemble more dynamic web personas? The answer lies in strong, effecti Continue reading

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Essential Facts About Pet Insurance


Embrace pet insurance reviews

Given the fact that the benefits of dog ownership have been discussed ad nauseum, it would be more productive to discuss the practical ways to keep your dog healthy. When it comes to dog health, dogs are similar to humans in many ways. In order to remain happy and healthy, ever dog needs to eat a healthy diets, get plenty of exercise, and visit the veterinarian regularly.

Even though all responsible dog owners do a good job scheduling yearly veterinary appointments for their dogs, some also tend to do a little too much spoiling when it comes to food. Since dog owners are so passionate about their four-legged companions, many pet owners cannot resist giving them a little extra treat of human food. Of course, dogs are smart and tend to learn rather quickly, especially when it concerns food. So th Continue reading

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If Your Dog Is Sick, Start Your Search for Help Online


Pet questions

Having the companionship of a dog has been proven to reduce stress, and improve health among people of all ages. They are highly trainable, often incredibly loyal, and they possess the ability to hear sounds that are out of our range of hearing, and experience smells 100,000 times stronger than we are able to. Despite all of these impressive qualities, when our dogs fall ill, they lack the ability to easily or even accurately express what ails them.

In fact, the primal pack mentality in dogs has created one particularly challenging scenario. Dogs are reluctant to show weakness, and so even when they are in great pain they might not show it so as not to appear weak. You might think that their reluctance to show pain, and their limited range for expressing what exactly ails them would make it impossible to diagno Continue reading

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When Your Dog Is Acting Strange, Follow These Three Steps


Dog illnesses symptoms

Every dog owner feels helpless when their dog is hurt, or sick. There is no worse feeling that not knowing what is wrong. However, did you know that the internet has some incredibly helpful resources that could help you feel more in control? So what should you do when you encounter dog health problems?

First, familiarize yourself with the difference between a minor health issue, and one that is potentially fatal. If any of the following symptoms or events are happening, then skip Pet WebMD and bring your dog straight to the vet or to an emergency clinic.

  • If your dog has ingested chocolate. There is a compound in chocolate that can cause dog health problems with the canine nervous system, and potentially kill your dog.
  • If your dog is having seizures.
  • If your dog is panting, pa Continue reading
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Build a Better Website to Help Your Business Grow


Veterinarian clinic radio ads

It is becoming more and more popular for potential clients to get their first impression of a business when they visit their website. Because of that, it is important for every company, no matter what industry they are in, to develop a strong professional website that helps them establish the strong web presence they need to attract new customers. This could be particularly true when it comes to veterinary marketing. In the past, having a great website might have been a luxury and something that the most forward-thinking companies used to set themselves apart. But now, the many benefits of vets websites make having one a must.

One of the main reasons that a well-developed website should be at the heart of a veterinary marketing plan is that it helps make sure that SEO campaigns are effective. Ea Continue reading

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