Ludmilla Calvino

Ludmilla Calvino

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Stop right there! What brings you to Pet Questions Dot Org? I’m going to need to see your passport and Driver’s License. Just kidding! Welcome to Pet Questions, where all your animal inquiries will be answered and all of your concerns allayed. My name is webmistress Ludmilla Calvino, at your service. What makes me qualified to run a blog under such a broad moniker? I am basically a zookeeper without the zoo. I have made an ecological survey of the suburb I live in and I’ve painstakingly collected one of every organism living within a five mile radius of my house. I have a number of conventional pets, but beyond that I am branching out into what I call Avant-Domesticism. I consider myself to be positioned at the forefront of this new field, pushing the boundaries of what can be called a pet and devising new strategies to raise creatures that until now have only languished in the wild without a human’s noble guiding hand.

But don’t worry! This blog focuses on conventional pets like dogs, cats, lizards, etc. As you peruse my articles I hope you’ll find all the information you could possibly need to raise your pets with truth and benediction!

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