ADHD Symptoms As Defined by an ADHD Doctor – Susana Aguilera

Adults and kids can be affected by ADHD in different ways. There are a variety of symptoms depending on the nature of ADHD that a person is suffering from. People with ADHD might have problems focusing and are attracted by external stimuli. The signs and symptoms could vary based on the age of the person.

However, they do become apparent when a child enters the school year, ADHD symptoms often appear in the early years. When a child is 12 years old it is possible to be recognized. The symptoms begin before the age of 12. ADHD doctor may diagnose children earlier or later than this; it’s based on the child’s symptoms as well as the severity.

It is recommended to contact an ADHD specialist or mental health professional if you think that your child is suffering from ADHD. Only a certified healthcare professional can diagnose ADHD. The typical procedure is taking a blood sample in the hope of ruling out any other conditions.

Talk to your ADHD doctor regarding treatment options following the time you’ve been diagnosed. Another option is medications. No matter your age, symptoms or diagnosis the appropriate treatment as well as resources are available to help.


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