Dealing with the Deaths of our Beloved Furry Family Members

Memorial stones for pets

In the past, pets were usually assistants more than anything else. Dogs would help round up farm animals, and cats would keep barns and homes free of mice. Today, however, pets are considered a member of our family. The benefits of owning a pet go both ways, and in many ways our cats and dogs continue to assist us. Babies who are exposed to pets and dogs during their first year, for example, are less likely to develop asthma. Having a pet will make you more likely to survive a heart attack. My dad had heart problems but fully recovered from them, and I do wonder if our tabby cats had anything to do with that.

Though it is a difficult topic, pet death is inevitably a reality for the lives of most pet owners, and it is worth considering your options beforehand so that you will be ready to make an informed decision when the time comes. When my cat died, my parents buried her in a box in the woods. For some people, this might be enough. Other people, however, might be interested in finding a more lasting pet memorial. Pet markers and pet memorial stones can be a really nice way to remember your pet after they have gone. One can opt for simple animal memorials, or more complex memorial stones for pets that have designs and inscriptions. Pet markers allow you yet another way to treat your beloved pet as a member of your family.

Though I do not know if it would be an option for everyone, when my old neighbor and childhood babysitter recently died, her daughter messaged me to say that she had placed the ashes of her old cat with her mother so that they could cuddle in heaven. I thought that was a really nice gesture, and the cemetery allowed pet stones to be placed alongside human stones. If you decide on getting a pet marker for your cat or dog, it is unlikely you will ever regret it. It is nice to have a place to go, and something to look at, if you ever feel the need to do so. Pet markers are affordable and if you are interested in exploring this as an option, your veterinarian can lead you to reputable sellers of pet markers. More like this article.

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