Easily Installing Artificial Grass – The Buy Me Blog


First step in the process of talling artificial turf is making the turf area appropriate for it. The ground is then prepared by the team using an implement called a rake.
The third stage is the process of compacting the foundation by spreading water via the help of a hose pipe so that the area has enough moisture before using a machine to make the ground solid. Fourth step is an possible, in which case you could opt to create a weed barrier by placing some membranes on your lawn.
Fifth step taken by an Astroturf flooring firm is spreading and extending the artificial grass in order to cover the entire area including the edges. Following that, apply glue or seam tape to secure the grass.
Sixth stage: Tuck turf edges. The Astroturf flooring team then applies infill on the lawn and scrubs it with an electric brush for a beautiful look.

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