Foot Massage Techniques Used for Stress and Pain – Health and Fitness Tips

The foot massage could be a good option if you are suffering from foot issues or just need to relax. In this post we’ll explore some methods used in a foot massage.

Thumb walking is the first approach we’ll explore. In thumb walking the masseuse will use the tip of their thumbs to press down against your feet. The most important thing about this technique is that the movements of the thumb are minimal. This lets the masseuse identify areas of pain in your feet.

The masseuse then put their thumb on your foot , using the thumb. Where this technique becomes slightly different is that the masseuse is able to place their thumb on the upper side of your foot and push it out.

This is just a handful of instances of the kinds of work a masseuse could do in the course of a foot massage. If you’re keen on finding some more info, it’s always a good idea to do study so that you are aware of what to be expecting.


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