Golf Cart Maintenance Basics – Car Stereo Wiring

Longer rides, and greater durability by doing regular maintenance of your golf cart.

In the beginning, you should review the owners’ manual. Avoid problems from the future by taking proper steps today. As you begin to start up your golf cart, you’ll want to take a look at the brakes as well as basic steering. It is important to ensure that your cart is situated in a location that is spacious space. The accelerator should be tapped, then on the brakes. After you’ve confirmed that the brakes operate, you can test out the steering and everything else.

Also, it’s a good idea to try out the parking brake. There is a tendency for drivers to not think about parking brakes and then discover it’s not functioning. Also, you’ll want to be aware of the battery. But, keep in mind that batteries often contain harmful chemicals, including acid. You should wear gloves whenever working around the battery or other equipment that has direct connection into the battery. If you believe there’s a problem with the battery, it’s wise to consult an expert, rather than trying to resolve the problem by yourself and creating reactions.


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