How Bail Bonds Work – What Is Legal Advice

ant’s behalf. That said, bail bonds are an appropriate type of bond for surety.

It is also the amount of amount defendants have to pay in order in order to leave jail before they are able to stand trial.

The bail will be refunded if the defendant appears at court, has posted bail and follows the conditions of release. If the defendant fails to attend court in time, the whole bond amount will be forfeited.

Bail bonds can be used to secure bail for defendants who have financial obligations that are hard to meet.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

The bail bonds operate by allowing the defendant to secure bail even if he or she could not be able to pay it. A bail bond agent will make the payment on behalf of the defendant.

The defendant must make a payment to the bail agent of 10 percent of the bail. The amount is generally 10. Know that this payment will not be returned even if defendant complies with all the terms of the pre-trial release. The bail agent secures the bond by putting up collateral. 9c6lsh1xee.

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