How Catalog Marketing Can Help Your Business – Business Training Video

The company made a mistake when ending their catalog marketing campaigns. Studies show that printed advertising products have better response rates than digital ads. A few studies suggest that young customers are particularly attracted to this type of marketing.

Physical media is influential because they require customers to come to terms with the reality. A customer is likely to view an online ad as being less “real” as something that you can actually hold in your hands, making tools like catalogs more persuasive in comparison to alternatives that are digital.

An effective way to implement catalog marketing is to present customers with a catalog following they visit your business. People who are pleased with their visit will be able to recall the experience and will be motivated to purchase more.

Be conscious that catalog marketing can be higher priced than online marketing. The cost for materials can be up to 50-100 times more expensive than sending an email making it essential to set your budget prior to investing into printing any catalogs.


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