How to Add a New Bathroom to Your Home – Diy Index

To be purchasing bathtubs or sinks. This is just a small part of the larger task.

The remodeling process shouldn’t be viewed as a one-time expenditure. Instead, you should take each part apart and calculate the amount they will cost.

Bathtub: $2,000-$5,000

Sink: $100-$200 (if required)

Faucet(s): $50-$200 (if required)

This will provide you with more clarity on what you’d be spending to purchase and if the budget will allow for this. It is also important you take note of the fact that the price of your venture could vary depending on the contractor you contact and the cost of their services. Before you settle on one contractor, make sure that you request quotes from several contractors.

4. Locate the current Main Stacks and Drain Lines

The first thing you want to locate is the main stacks (or sub-drain lines as they are sometimes called). These are the pipes that connect one area of your home’s plumbing system to the other. These pipes can be situated above your floors.

The toilets are located in the bathroom. On the floorplan, locate which toilet you are in and determine if there’s any shared walls. Perhaps you will find some sort of stack under the toilet. When you have multiple toilets one may be located at another end of the house in contrast to others, but connected by pipes running throughout their entire. It is important to ensure that all adjacent toilets connect to this one before going ahead with any repairs. If not, you’ll need new ones to be installed following the replacement of any damaged areas within those fixtures’ walls.

If you’re uncertain about exactly how to do this and you’re not sure, contact the plumbers in your area for more information.

5. Pick your Fixtures, Finishes, as well as Features.

Selection of finishes, fixtures and fixtures is a crucial element of the bathroom remodel procedure. A luxurious marble bath is likely to last for a long time.


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