How to Clean Your Granite Kitchen Countertop – Family Issues

Deo will show you how to properly clean a granite countertop.

Don’t apply the chemical cleaners that contain abrasives like Windex 409,, or Kaboom. These cleaners are highly acidic, and can take away the sealer layer of the countertop each time you apply them. Your countertops will be more vulnerable to staining or scratches.

Avoid using highly acidic natural cleansers like vinegar or lime, neither. Use regular dishesoap and water be sure to apply the soft kitchen sponge. If you follow this routine every day, you’ll keep your granite countertop fresh and tidy for a long period of time.

To ensure that your stones look stunning, you should employ heat pads or cutting boards. It is also possible to use coasters although that’s less important. Granite doesn’t have the same sensitivity as wood. There is also Isopropyl Alcohol mixed with water to get a deeper clean. Also, you can preserve your countertop’s sheen by using this technique.

Check out this video for further information about how to clean granite.


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