How to Operate a Forklift – Source and Resource

Increase productivity and productivity by permitting you to lift weighty objects quickly. Furthermore, they lower the risk of injury because the forklifts aren’t putting their backs when lifting objects. This video will show you the proper use of the forklift.

First thing to be doing when operating a forklift, is wear your seat belt. When the forklift starts to jolt in any way it is not a good idea to fall around. You can now put the key into the ignition before turning it on to start the engine. Make sure to stop your parking brake. The wheel is able to be controlled as a vehicle. The wheel also reverses and accelerates similarly to cars. Instead of being under the dashboard, the steering wheel is located on the left hand side of the steering wheel.

You will notice there is a set of four levers near the steering wheel. They are the ones that are responsible for operating the lift. The initial lever shifts the lift up and down. After that, the lever rotates the forks. Third lever moves the forks in a side-to-side direction. The last lever is to turn on clamps in case your forklift comes with clamps.


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