How to Prevent Cavities If You Have Braces – Metro Dental Care

with a perfect and a flawless smile. You may have teeth that are slightly bent when they first were placed in. There could be gaps between your teeth. Braces are a solution to these problems. They move your teeth into the proper position and fix any flaws. However, wearing braces means that you must also be extra careful with your teeth. In this short video you’ll learn about how to prevent cavities if braces are on your teeth.

Do exactly what your dentist tells you to take care of. They’re an expert and have undoubtedly worked with lots of people who’ve been through braces. It is recommended to brush at least twice per day and floss once a week. They’ll probably also advise you that a specific type of floss is necessary to get under wires of the braces. It is important to floss often because food tends to stick much better. Fluoride rinses can serve to get rid of any remaining debris and protect the tooth with fluoride. A Waterpik can also be a great method to floss in these hard areas.


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