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op that might cause a significant issue in a project. It covers financial errors and is in stark contrast to general liabilitythat does not cover bodily or property injury. It doesn’t cover the expense of correcting the mistake, just the obligation for the mistake.
Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers who are independent contractors may be susceptible to being thrown off high levels or being injured while transporting massive items, or being injured by drills, hammers as well as other tools. They could be injured by dangers in the workplace. Safety of employees is paramount however, it’s not easy to predict every possibility of an accident. Workers’ compensation insurance is able to provide compensation for injuries suffered by employees. In the case of an injury at work or illness Workers’ compensation insurance will pay medical bills as well as a proportion of their income lost if they are unable to perform their job. There are times when physical rehabilitation expenses may be covered. Workers’ compensation also gives monetary compensation to surviving dependents if an employee is killed in the course of work. If you are planning to establish the business that is a siding contractor, or a roofing contractor in your local area and your state is a member, you will likely need you to get workers’ compensation insurance to protect your workers. It’s important to review the local laws to make sure your company adheres to their requirements. Your business could be exposed to severe fines or penalties for not having the required coverage.

Commercial License and Surety Bonds

Many states require that contractors obtain licenses or permit bonds to make sure they are able to provide the services required. This is a legally binding contract which guarantees that the contractor is able to pay for all labor and supplies needed to complete the job and will not leave the client with the expense. The majority of municipalities and towns require the performance and payment bond to safeguard their financial interests in a contract. Some private projects may even dem


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