Straw Bedding for Horses Yay oo Neigh? – Pet Training Blog

ere are many different kinds of beddings for horses. They range from straw bedding and pellets to bedding. It’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages from each horse bedding prior to choosing the one that is best for your horse. In this video, we will talk about what could be the advantages and effects of straw bedding on your horse’s equestrian stables.

Flax, sawdust, wood pellets, and straw are among the top bedding options for horses. Straw is the most popular bedding in racehorses. This has led many to think it’s an ideal option. There are however numerous opinions proclaimed as facts within the world of horses. There is no doubt that horses that suffer from respiratory illness require a different bedding other than straw. Though straw is believed to be safe and safe for breathing horses but horses suffering from pre-existing ailments need a bedding out of different materials. This is to prevent obstructions in their breathing. Although horse bedding is ultimately up to personal preferences, be mindful of the health of your horse as you decide.


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