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We must do our part. It’s important to conduct a thorough survey of the engine to make sure it’s operating properly and safely. The video below outlines the fundamentals of marine surveying to help you evaluate new or used boats you’d like to purchase.

First thing you should check is your service history. You don’t even have to be on board your boat for this check. Request the service history from the seller or owner and check if there’s multiple repair report. If they are numerous reports, then you’ll know there’s something wrong with your boat and you can avoid the issue from being a source of.

The next thing to search at is external corrosion. Check the engine compartment specifically in the areas that aren’t easy to find. Corrosion can cause engine problems. If you want to identify any issues that could be present, take a flashlight and check the engine.

You also need to check for external leaks while the engine is running. Look at hoses, after-heaters, water pumps, etc. Find the stain to its location. An inspection at sea is necessary to ensure your engine’s RPMs meet.

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