The Rise Of Granite Slabs In Kitchens –

The video is slightly too dramatic.

Granite slabs come with advantages such as being scratch-proof and resistant to heat. It can crack and will require sealing every so often.
Granite was cheaper and it gained popularity in the middle class.

Countertops were originally made of formsica back in the 1950s. This laminate was scratch-resistant and simple to clean. Formica has become very fashionable particularly after WW2 due to a housing boom. The majority of homes had Kitchen with laminate tops.

Between 1996 and 2016, statistics showed that the work granite (granite that is ready to be broken into counter tops) imports increased by 10 times. This was due to the easy access for the middle-class. Brazil surpasses Italy when it came to exporting granite to the US and thus increasing the supply. It became easier to mine and move. The technological advances allowed cutting to be carried out at a distance.

When 2006 began, the property bubble was at its highest and it was also the time of the greatest demand for granite.
After 2006, its popularity slumped due to the availability of other materials like quartz. Quartz has less need for maintenance, and is therefore more durable.

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