Top Reasons Your Dog Needs a Bath


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Americans love their pets. Nearly 94% of people who own pets say their animals make them happy and that they smile at least once a day because of them. Nearly $60.3 billion was spent on pets in the United States in 2015 and of that, $5.4 billion went to their boarding and grooming. Americans love their dogs so much that about one million of them have been named the primary beneficiary in a will. Sometimes we want our dogs to be really clean but the whole experience of going to the groomer is too stressful. It is during these times that we break out the shampoo for dogs and do it ourselves.

Reasons to Give Your Dog a Bath:

  1. Your dog smells like a dog. Yes, your dog is a dog after all but they do not have to smell like one. A foul smelling dog can also be an indication of a problem. You can tell better what may be wrong with your dog after you use a shampoo for dogs on them. This is because you can get a better sense of where that dog smell is coming from. If you find the smell is coming from their skin, this may indicate a disease or illness. If it is co ing from the coat, you may want to have the mouth, anal glands, feet or ears checked. If your dog develops a really bad smell, the time for shampoo for dogs has past and you need to go to the veterinarian.
  2. Your dog rolled in an icky substance. How often does this happen? Any dog owner knows this happens all the time! Does your dog do this all the time? You should get a strong natural dog shampoo. You may have to wash your dog more than once if what they got into was really bad.
  3. You find that your dog suffers from dandruff. There are many causes for skin irritation on dogs. Dandruff is one sign of irritated skin. You may also notice it causes itchy skin in dogs. Washing with an all natural dog shampoo may help but if you notice real problems, you should ask your veterinarian for their recommendations on the right shampoo for dogs. There are different kinds and you can find out what is causing their skin irritation. There are many things that can irritate a dog’s skin so if it is bad, you should investigate the cause.
  4. Allergies are a problem for your dog. Many dogs suffer from allergies that cause them to have itchy skin. This itching can be alleviated with the right soothing shampoo for dogs. You can talk to your vet about the best kind but there are some that are hydrocortisone-based, include oatmeal or are hypoallergenic. Just make sure whatever product you use is gentle. You can irritate the skin further with a harsh shampoo for dogs.
  5. You have found mites, fleas or lice on your dog. You can get really great dog shampoos to rid them of any parasites. This is the best way, in fact, to kill off any parasites on their skin or in their coat. Before you try any shampoo for dogs to get rid of these pests, talk to your veterinarian about the best kind of shampoo for your dog and get a real diagnosis of the problem.

When you do wash your dog, be sure you use a shampoo for dogs and do not just try to use your own. The pH level is very different in human vs. pet shampoo and the human variety can be harsher and irritate your dog’s skin. Take care to rinse really well after you wash your dog. Your dog’s skin may be sensitive to the residue left by the shampoo.

If you start to bathe your dogs when they are young, it will make it easier to do this for the rest of their lives. This does not have to be a painful process for either of you. Even cats can be bathed if they are started on that at a young age. It just means you need to be gentle and ease them into when they are still puppies.

Brushing your dog’s coat is a great way to keep them clean.






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