What Its Like to Be a Commercial Electrician – This Week Magazine

Businesses can use them. They could be trained with specific kinds of electric appliances within specific sectors, or perform various tasks. This video explains how it’s done in the field of commercial electrical electricians an everyday basis.

In this video, the electrician must ensure that all electrical outlets located in a building with an childcare facility are resistant. The city the electrician is located in requires outlets placed at least five feet from the floor and must be tamper proof if little children will be playing around.

He places his tamper-proof outlets above all other outlets that he needs to change. They don’t require other tools or equipment, and has an accurate mental picture of the location he will need to travel to make the switch.

A technician then puts circuit tracers into the outlet. Then, he shuts off the power at that particular outlet, by turning off the circuit breakers. This makes the outlet secure to work with. Remove the cover and inserts the tamper proof outlet.

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