What You Need to Know About an IPC Certification – Infomax Global

To teach readers how to browse and utilize various specifications in IPC documents.

This international certification program was created by the IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries. It’s a business body that covers every aspect that are related to electronic interconnection. It provides standardized education and testing to ensure that electronic assemblies meet IPC quality standards.

Chris mentioned the different kinds of classes. Some classes combine lectures together with hands-on exercises. To obtain certification, training is mandatory. Be ready to take an exam after you complete education. It is required to score a minimum at least 80. You can choose to take a test that is written or practical, based on which certification you are trying to obtain.

This career path is suitable for people with technical abilities as well as the desire to learn. This field is great for those wanting to pursue a career in the field of electronics. Have fun with your certification.


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