What You Should Know About Macular Degeneration – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

One of the most common causes for visual decline is macular edema. It is a danger for anyone over 65. A third of those that develop it will.

Macular degeneration is caused by the presence of blood vessels that are abnormal. These blood vessels are generally located under the retina. Although the most prevalent type of macular damage is the dry ones, there are wet types that are more problematic than the dry.

If your eye doctor has diagnosed the condition as macular degeneration it’s not a matter of being left dry. There’s no cure but you can get treatment for macular degeneration. The anti-VEGF drugs and photodynamic therapy are used by physicians in order to minimize the risk of blindness or loss of vision. The doctor you consult with will walk you through the treatment options and will prescribe the one most appropriate to the type of macular degeneration that you suffer from and the degree in which it has advanced.

Medical support can help you keep your vision sharp, regardless of whether you’ve been being diagnosed with macular degeneration. Discuss with your local optometrist about the treatment options available to treat macular degeneration. chdv2abj5o.

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