Five Answers to Your Top Dog Health Questions


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Our pets are our best friends. That has been known for years, especially when it comes to dogs. We really do love those crazy furry animals we let crawl all over us.

So when it comes to dog health questions, we want to make sure we have the right answers. A pet symptom checker can only go so far before we demand fuller answers to our canine health questions. Obviously, asking our veterinarian questions will help ease our minds. But in the mean time, here are five answers to some important dog health questions.

1. We have all heard that one human year is equivalent to seven dog years. But that might not be entirely accurate. The lifespan of a dog depends on many factors, but on average, dogs live to be about 15 years old. Remember to always check with your vet, or to at least utilize a web vet symptom checke Continue reading

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Have Dog Health Questions?


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Dog owners are entrusted with the task of caring for their furry friends in sickness and in health. Though many can tell when their dog isn’t feeling quite right, it can be difficult to sort out dog health issues. Dog health questions can always be referred to a vet, but it can sometimes be expensive, especially if the concerns are unfounded. Fortunately, in the age of the internet, we have a way to eliminate possibilities before calling a professional. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps of identifying your dog’s symptoms and determining what they might indicate.

  1. Identifying symptoms can either be very easy or very challenging. Canine health can be hard to assess, since pet owners are unable to thoroughly communicate with their pets. However, a thorough examination can usually help dog owners de Continue reading
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